How to Create a Budget Friendly Garden in North Shore

north shore garden maintenance

A garden is a place of refuge, a place to forget the noise and commotion of the world. It’s where you can go for peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of life. And while there are many ways to create this oasis in your backyard, one way that might be more budget-friendly than you think is using plants that need little care or water.

There are so many varieties out there from succulents to cacti which require very little maintenance but still give off an airy vibe when they bloom on their own accord. This article will explore some standout options which provide lush foliage without costing too much money.

Tips for creating your budget-friendly and lush backyard oasis
north shore garden maintenance

There is a big misconception out there that you need to spend a lot of money to have a garden. This simply isn’t the case because all it takes to save yourself some cash and enjoy tending your plants is some knowledge.

When you’re thinking of north shore garden maintenance, remember that what makes plants bloom doesn’t always mean expensive, which means it’s often cheaper to have a long-term plan than buying annuals at the store year after year that they get sick or die on you anyway.

Inspect your soil before anything else. You’ll know right away where any issues are if you are in an area with bad soil or if you have moved into new parts of town. If your soil is not so good and rich, amend it with compost to improve its texture.

Consider container gardening if you have a north shore garden maintenance problem with poor soil. Plants that are normally grown in containers will grow well in north shore gardens as well because of the weather.

You can also choose plants for north shore gardens that wouldn’t necessarily be easy to grow over the winter if they were planted directly into the ground, such as cucumbers.

Make sure your north shore garden isn’t too shady. Try adding a light source like a floodlight attached to a timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them on.

Plants you can use for your budget-friendly garden
north shore garden maintenance

1. Yuccas/Mesquites

Among the best things to choose for an understated garden are yuccas and mesquite, which require very little water or care. They’re a nifty option if you have irrigation in your yard already since they’re so low-maintenance. Just like cacti, they help fill out space at the front of your yard, especially if you purchase only one small plant which will grow over time rather than several larger ones.

They can easily go from spiky (in spring) to soft and feathery (in summer) without any extra assistance on your part. That means it’s easy to leave them un-pruned until you’re ready to create a new focal point in the yard by trimming them down.

2. Agaves

Another plant that works well in north shore gardens is agave. They are incredibly low-maintenance and don’t take much time at all to create beautiful landscaping.

They can be left alone for years without pruning as they grow upwards and then spread outwards when the bases become woody. Because of this unique growth pattern, many north shore gardeners choose to prune their agave back after each flowering period or purchase smaller plants early on so that they have room for the plant to expand over time.

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